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"Sapphire Sirenic Ranch"

We welcome your entire family by appointment only. 

        We take appointments to spend time interacting with our newest furbabies                

              Tues-Sun starting at 11:00               

CALL or TEXT  Ms. Anne 



About Us

From Our Family to Yours


We have dedicated our lives to preserving Sapphires 6 acre "Certified Wildlife Habitat", horse ranch and home we share with all the four-legged sweethearts entrusted in our care! We love each & every Furbaby until you do!  

We as a family spend time with our furbabies to bond with them and take special care of each n until they find their furever families. 


What Makes Sapphire Pups Special


We rehome on average 4-5 puppies a week.  We believe in individual care and attention for all of our pups! Our puppies come from in-home Residential Breeders ONLY and live in our home as part of our family.  While at the ranch the puppies are mentored by my resident dogs, trained by John and I as well as cuddled and loved throughout every day by adults and children while living within my family at the Ranch.

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We are your first line of defense for your newest family member. Let us do the work for you in utilizing our experience, expertise, and knowledge to offer our clients  hypoallergenic puppies for sale that are not only some of the most beautiful puppies you'll find but also some of the healthiest!  

At Sapphire Sirenic Ranch, our family has also made a commitment to expand our knowledge and passion of occasionally breeding our 6 AKC Reg. Pomerania family dogs to now occasionally breeding them with the purpose of raising the bar in improving the new and very popular canine Hybrid mix known as "The "Pomsky"! 

The Sapphire Pomsky puppies started 5 years a with a crazy idea and plan that worked!  

John & I bred a 50%/50% mix of a gifted female Siberian Husky (to one of our Sapphire families at 8 week old)  to one of my 2 Purebred male Pomeranian Sires, (Teddy or Otto) through artificial insemination.  Our clients can clearly see from the moment they arrive that it doesn't matters if it's Non/Shedding or a Sled pups of sorts, we love them ALL and clearly do not support commercial breeders, a.k.a., "Puppy Mills".  We only bred within the love of families. 

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