Pomeranian Studs


My name is Dusty

I am a Silver Merle Pomeranian AKC. I weigh around 8 lbs. I have one brown eye and one sky blue eye. I have the best personality! I am really good listener and I love my fellow pups. I love them so much that I let them all finish eating before I take a bite! I think that I am more like a human dad than an alpha dog but that's the way I like it! 


My name is Teddy

I am one of the best studs around at Sapphire. I love people and socializing with my brothers and sisters at the ranch. I have a lot of energy and love to play outside!


My Name is Candy


I love to play and but I am also gentle. My personality is true to my breed. My mom calls me an alpha female. I love running outside but I can stop on a dime. I love to teach other pups how to fit in with others and I Like to teach the younger pups how to fit into out family!