Our Family

I (John) have been employed within the North Shore School District for 23 years and my wife Anne stepped down from the stress and rat race of the Securities industry after 20 years. We have two sons and our family has dedicated our lives to our Ranch, animals and preserving the wildlife habitat that encompasses our 6 acre property. Our ranch is a Certified Wilflife Habitat because here at Sapphire we believe that all animals should be safe, fed and loved. 

Our Story

As Anne and I searched for two of our family members, Buddy (Shorkie) and Leah (Shihpom), we were frustrated and heartbroken time & time again.  We found many websites were shipping scams and if not a scam they were obtaining their pups from Puppy Mills and then shipping them all over the country!

That is why we started Sapphire Designer Dogs. We are not breeders. However, we work with local responsible in-home-Breeders to find their puppies forever homes with local families that are willing to drive to the Ranch and spend time with our puppies and us. We are not looking to bring more puppies into the world. We interview breeders who already have litters that potentially need Veterinarian Exams, Vaccinations, Socialization and A FOREVER FAMILY.  That's where we step in to give those puppies a fighting chance to be placed in a forever home where the transition will be smooth and stress-free for both our puppies and our clients.  We will stay in close contact with you well after you bring your puppy home.  We enjoy being available for any and all questions for our clients until our client and puppy are comfortable and into a successful routine. 

Our Ranch & Puppies

At Sapphire, we home 1-4 puppies at a time.  We believe in individual care and attention for all of our pups! Our puppies come from in-home Residential Breeders ONLY and live in our home as part of our family. Sapphire puppies are learning socialization skills with many other animals as well as adults and children while at the Ranch.  Our puppies are also introduced to their use of Potty Pads, Crate & PlayPen structure while at the Ranch and all have been VERY successful.

Sapphire Designer Dogs carries a variety of Purebred and Hybrid  Toy Breed Puppies for sale. 
The majority of the puppies we choose to offer for sale at Sapphire Ranch are Hypoallergenic & Non-Shedding.  We wanted puppies in this category based on the requirements we have of our breeders and the desperate need for accuracy to those who suffer from Canine allergies. 

 All of the beautiful puppies that qualify to come to Sapphire Ranch are bred from a family pet by their loving forever family. The breeding family treats their dog's no different than we treat our dog's or you would treat your own FurBaby.  My family continues the affectionate human interaction, love, and socialization until they leave with their forever family.

Puppies Available