Today's Puppy Industry

If you have never heard the term "Puppy Mill" or have not heard too much about them, we encourage you to please google Commercial Breeders A.K.A "Puppy Mills." We believe that this will truly shock you and break your heart if you love puppies as much as we do. In these Puppy Mills most Dams (females used for breeding) can no longer walk after being retired from a puppy mill. These Dams have typically not been let out of their very small unsanitary cage for 2-3 years. And once the Puppy Mill can no longer use these Dams they euthanize them or they die along with their puppies due to these horrific living conditions. This is typically where designer dog shops, pet stores, dog dealers, and craigslist listings buy their puppies. Sapphire is one of the rare places where you can purchase a puppy knowing that they did not come from a puppy mill. If you are buying a puppy, please please please ask your Licensed Dog Dealer where they get their puppies from and make sure that they are not coming from Puppy Mills! They might not all be honest but most are!

The Truth About Puppy Mills

Please check out this short video by the Humane Society about Commercial Breeders. Please be warned that this is graphic and heart breaking. WARNING: VIDEO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

The Craigslist Lie

We know that there are plenty of ads on Craigslist about cheaper puppies that are of designer breed. These pups typically come from Puppy Mills. A lot of times these sellers drive down to Missouri, Pennsylvania and Mississippi to buy litters for $25-$50 per puppy and then sell the on craigslist with the false advertising that these are their own dogs offspring. This is not always the case but a lot of clients have experienced this. A lot of times these sellers will be have someone holding the puppy in the car because they are just trying to sell it for a quick buck.

These scammers are no different than drug dealers!

They buy their illegal supply of puppies and then sell them for a profit. They will go to jail when caught, and we do report these people if we come across them. 

There is even black market,  backyard Puppy Mill pages on Facebook, which is where these criminals find and buy these puppies as young as one week old and then post them on Craigslist! It's heartbreaking!

Please do not meet anyone at a gas station or any public place to buy a puppy! You always have to ask, what are these people hiding? It is always recommended that you meet seller in their own home to buy a puppy. This is so that you can see where the puppy comes from and how they have been taken care of. You want to make sure that these babies have not been taken from their mothers too early as this can result in an unhealthy puppy.

Do the Math

Let's say that it was $550 PUPPY + $175 Vet Exam/Shots/De-worming Treatments + $195 Puppy Essentials (Crate, bed, blanket, toys, food, etc...) the TOTAL is $920. 

This puppy is priceless both monetarily and emotionally. Can you imagine? You could pay as much as $1,000 for a sick puppy and you don't know where it came from.

Additionally, if you have other pets at home bringing home a sick pup can be dangerous for them as well. If the puppy that you just bought because it was cheaper ends up being a sick pup, it can turn costly really fast. You can rack up large vet bills and could cost you a fortune and also break your heart. In reality its not cheap at all and it creates a stressful time instead of a joyous time for your family! There are plenty of irresponsible breeders out there that do not care for the puppies and just want to make a quick buck.

Lastly, do not trust shots that are administered by a breeder unless the puppy has been seen by a Vet and the breeder is experienced. It is a red flag if a breeder is too cheao to get their puppies a proper Vet Exam. Most sellers will not guarantee the health of the puppy once sold. But at Sapphire, WE DO! We have a one year health guarantee when you take your furbaby home from us!